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Portfolio - Website Development - Browborg Studios


Hopefully our work speaks for itself.
Just in case, our wonderful clients want to speak for it too.

  • I can’t tell you how often we get compliments on our website. People absolutely love it. And I think the best part about it is that it captures the nature of the artistic, creative, and exciting work we do every day. People interested in our services can join our mailing list, see upcoming art shows, view pictures of clients and staff in the studios, and samples some of the art we create. It’s awesome.

    Ray M.
    Ray M.RHD-RI
  • This website started as a small blog and has blossomed into a nationally recognized voice for wolf advocacy. Along the journey to this point, the website has been our one constant, growing and expanding and improving along with our needs. And somehow, it continues to get even easier to use. The forum is a wonderful new addition, our newsletter looks beautiful and professional, and our site runs faster than ever thanks to CloudFlare.

    Dave H
    Dave HNational Wolfwatcher Coalition
  • We needed a way to showcase the house to a very specific, hard-to-reach audience, and craigslist wasn’t an option. This website is the perfect solution, and more importantly, it helped us find a buyer!

    Suzanne B.
    Suzanne B.Special Needs Residence
  • My last website didn’t look good and it was hard to use — for me and for potential clients. This one is beautiful, I can update it easily, and visitors can actually book appointments right on the website, which is such a huge help.

    Chris G.
    Chris G.Somatic Soul
  • The Simon Family Genealogy includes massive amounts of information, and much of our target audience has little experience using computers. This website has allowed us to move our voluminous documents from the page to the screen without sacrificing organization or legibility. And accessibility has actually been improved now that family all over the world can reach us on the web, without wasting a single piece of paper or a penny on shipping. Not the mention, the site looks beautiful.”

    Judy W.
    Judy W.Simon Family Genealogy
  • “Our organization is run entirely by student volunteers, so we need it to be simple and easy-to-use. Adding content with the WordPress admin is a breeze, and the new layout is much simpler for visitors to navigate. We really want to create valuable resources for other LPS students, and I think that’s what we’ve been able to do.”

    Cory B.
    Cory B.Penn LPSSA
  • The website looks amazing and it fits our brand perfectly. Plus, now we can spend more time out giving tours instead of at the computer trying to figure out how to publish content to the site.”

    Sean F.
    Sean F.The Roman Guy
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