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Meet Brownborg - Browborg Studios


Well, hello there. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Andrew Borstein
    Andrew BorsteinCEO
    A passion for solving problems and helping people.
    His playful moniker is a tongue-in-cheek reference to his dual, cyborg-esque nature: he's capable and comfortable not just with computers, but humans too — a valuable, and often rare quality in the tech industry. Not to mention, he's sweet as a brownie. (Awww)

    Good With Computers

    Logical. Detail-Oriented. Lover of Rules.

    While the complex language of website coding may turn off many folks, it makes Andrew’s heart go pitter patter. It’s a match made in tech heaven, and his clients reap the benefits.

    Good With Humans

    Articulate. Perceptive. Thoughtful.

    Despite his love of technology, he’s a people person first and foremost. His project communications get the same care and attention as your website development. No need for an interpreter.

    Creative Background

    Web Designer. Video Editor. Touring Musician. 

    With over a decade of experience in independent, creative endeavors, he’s well equipped to find effective solutions for your organization. He’s got  the mind of an entrepreneur, but he’s an artist at heart.


    What we know really well.


    CSS3 / LESS (Styling)
    jQuery / Javascript (Interactive Elements)
    PHP / Jade (Dynamic Templating)


    Wordpress (Theme & Plugin Development)
    Bootstrap (Reponsive Design)
    GIT (Version Control)


    Photoshop (Design)
    Final Cut (Video)
    Pro Tools (Audio)


    What we do really well.

    Wordpress Customization

    We specialize in fully customized WordPress websites, a powerful, reliable, and incredibly flexible platform that puts you in control of your online content.

    Web Hosting & Domain

    There’s a lot more to building website than good design. From web hosting, to email, to domain names, consider us a one stop shop for all your website needs.

    Social Integration

    Facebook Liking,  Twitter Sharing, Pinterest Posting — it’s a social world, these days. We can help transform your organization into a well-oiled social media machine.

    Logo & Branding

    Your logo and style are the first lines of communication to your audience. We can help create a visual identity that will enhance your mission and your bottom line.

    Email Marketing

    With seamless integration and strategic branding, we can implement email marketing and newsletter campaigns that will turn curious visitors into loyal supporters.

    Maintenance & Support

    As your organization grows and evolves, so may your needs. We can support you through that process, offering robust upgrades, timely maintenance, and fantastic technical support.


    We specialize in several e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, ECWID, Rezdy, and WooCommerce.  We can help tailor the customer experience and enhance your sales.

    Speed Optimization

    We can install  CloudFlare, a cloud solution that dramatically increases website performance by automatically optimizes page load times to users around the globe.


    Creating great content is always the best start, but sometimes you need more than that to get found online. We can configure search engine optimization that will get results.


    How we do it.

    • Discovery

      We work closely with you to get a clear picture of your organization and discuss your goals for the website. In order to find the right answers, it's important to ask the right questions.

    • Conceptualization

      We create wireframe mockups to map out content, consider user behavior, and establish the visual style. Careful planning ensures you get the best product, on time, within budget.

    • Development

      We configure the web hosting and domains, and begin coding the design into a live, interactive website. Sit back and grab some popcorn—this is where your vision starts becoming a reality.

    • Refinement

      After several rounds of feedback and collaboration, we inspect and test the entire project to make sure it's working perfectly. Practice makes perfect, and perfect makes clients happy.

    • Finalization

      The project is launched, detailed usage tutorials are created, and the keys to your website are handed over to you. Go pop the champagne and tell some friends. You've earned it.

    Contact Us

    We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.