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Brownborg Studios | Creative Web Development and Design
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    Well hello there, and welcome. We make wonderful websites for all sorts of wonderful folks. People, perhaps, just like you.
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    From one-page profiles, to custom built social communities, to high volume e-commerce, we've worked on lots of unique projects.
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Creative Web Development and Design

  • Powerful, beautiful, easy-to-update websites — for small businesses, non-profits, and individuals.

Meet Brownborg

Well, hello there. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Andrew Borstein
    Andrew BorsteinCEO
    A passion for solving problems and helping people.
    His playful moniker is a tongue-in-cheek reference to his dual, cyborg-esque nature: he's capable and comfortable not just with computers, but humans too — a valuable, and often rare quality in the tech industry. Not to mention, he's sweet as a brownie. (Awww)


    A brief overview of our most recent project and what we accomplished.

    Tiverton Wastewater District


    » Municipal wastewater treatment program for Tiverton, RI.

    Infographics & Charts

    We sifted through pages and pages of plain text, organized it, and re-imagined it into beautiful and easy-to-grasp ‘infographics’ and charts. Now visitors can learn about the most important elements of the program quickly and easily.

    Page Animations

    With strategically used page animations, reading about wastewater management becomes interactive and fun, a pleasant surprise. The information is not just clear and engaging — it literally jumps out at users.

    Filterable FAQ

    The program is detailed and complex, so TWWD needed a way to efficiently answer many questions for its user base. The filterable FAQ section lets visitors find answers fast, and easily submit questions of their own.


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